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We thought you may find it useful if we had link here to articles, advice and information to help you have success with seed sowing, growing and saving.

If you have any suggestions for pieces to link to, please leave them in the comments below. We’ll have a look at them and include the best and most useful ones.

It’s possible in time that we’ll end up with too many to list without providing some search facility. We’ll get to that. Here’s our first list organised just a little.

Seed saving

From the great people at Real Seeds How to save your own seed.

From Permaculture Magazine, a link to a free seed saving e-book and information about the Seed Freedom Campaign.

And Seed Parade have some very useful tips how to save flower and vegetable seeds.

What to grow when

Carl’s Winter Veg
Carl wrote a short introduction for friends who wanted to know what they could sow & grow to eat over the winter & early spring. It has suggestions for what to grow, how to deal with some potential problems and links to web resources and books of interest.

Click on the link to save from your browser or right click on the link and choose ‘Save Link As’ or similar to download to your hard drive.

Carl’s Grow Winter Veg pdf

Here Ben at Higgledy Garden suggests some Flowers to sow in autumn.

Growing tips & inspiration

Michelle Chapman interviews the no dig gardening authority Charles Dowding. Lots of useful information & inspiration here.


The very kind Ian at Foodies Heaven has set up this forum to discuss all things Seedy, and growing things.


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