Veganuary Day 12: Textural Pleasures

Vegan Swedish Meatballs in a creamy sauce with papardelle and lingonberry jam. Can you believe these are made with tinned beans?
Authentic Swedish Dinner

Another day, another tofu scramble, this time with pops of cherry tomato to brighten up the meal. It was brightly flavoured, and the tomato added bursts of flavour and a different texture.

Lunch was a buddha bowl. Today made with nutty bulgur kernels, soft fried mushrooms, an array of crunchy fresh vegetables; carrots, mange touts and red cabbage and yielding steamed tenderstem broccoli. All topped off with the umami richness of a creamy tahini and miso dressing. An absolute riot of tastes and textures.

I saw this recipe for Vegan Swedish Meatballs in The Guardian just before New Year, and knew we were going to have to try a version. They are really excellent; crunchy on the outside, and soft and pillowy on the inside. I think I prefer them to actual meatballs. We can’t find canned borlotti beans here, so we substituted cannellini beans. I imagine borlotti would have even more flavour. We also left out the marmite, and the balls did not suffer any for it.

Swedes serve k├Âttbullar (meatballs) on either mashed potato or pasta. We chose to serve ours with slippery papardelle. The lingonsylt (lingonberry jam) is compulsory.

I realised today that texture is what I’d been craving. I’ve grown tired of stodgy food, especially after three days of the same stew, which wasn’t all that exciting on the first day. Even the Big Guy had grown bored of the chickpea & orzo stew, and he often says he’d be happy eating the same dish every day. I will be mindful how important the textures are as I plan and prep the meals for next week, and I’ll try not to eat the same thing three days in a row.


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