Introducing… Seedy Penpals!

Seedy Pen Pals Blog Badge

For the last few weeks, Carl Legge and I have been Tweeting up a storm about #SeedyPenpals. Today, I am very pleased to announce that we have launched Seedy Penpals!

If you follow me or Carl on Twitter, then you may have an idea of what it is about. For those who don’t, or who managed to miss it, this is a place to swap seeds, make friends, and share knowledge or learn more about different kinds of plants.

For this inaugural round, you have until Wednesday 1st August to sign up for the first match. We will then match people up by the 5th August and then you will have until Wednesday 15th August to contact your penpal, and send out your chosen seeds.

There will be the opportunity to blog and tweet about your parcels, and each month, Carl and I will host Seedy Cuttings, where you can add links to your updates or leave them in the comments for all to share. We welcome anyone who is resident within the EU (due to seed export restrictions to other areas), but you don’t need to be an expert gardener, we’d love you to join if you are a complete novice or have green hands, whether you have a window box or a country estate. You don’t need to be a blogger or a tweeter either, there are plenty of opportunities to guest post, comment, or even just join in for the joy of getting a growing present twice a year.

Over the coming weeks, we intend to build a resource that people can share, and a space to ask for advice, or simply to brag that you’ve managed to grow a mighty oak from that tiny acorn you were sent in your parcel! We have a few ideas, which we will be adding soon. Would you like to see anything that would be useful to you?

We are also open to feedback, so please do have a look, and I’d love to hear your comments.

This penpals scheme was inspired by the Foodie Penpals scheme, which is the brain child of Lyndsay at The Lean Green Bean. It was initially suggested by Karen from Samphire, during a chat on Twitter about the Foodie Penpal scheme, and Carl and I agreed. We have had a lot of help and advice on logistics from Carol Anne at Rock Salt, who runs the Foodie Penpal scheme in Europe. I’d like to thank them for a great idea (I’m in my second month of Foodie Pen pals) and especially to Carol Anne for the advice.

Carl also deserves a lot of credit for the lovely blog badge that he came up with. I really think it is beautiful, and totally out of my skill set. It is another brilliant incentive to come and join in, because if you do, you can have this lovely badge on your blog, or even your wall.

I hope to see you all in the Seedy Penpals, and I’d appreciate it if you can tell all your friends too.

Let’s get Seedy!



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3 responses to “Introducing… Seedy Penpals!

  1. Hello! I’m all signed up now and looking forward to joining in! I have put something on my blog too about it and am enthusing over there as well. All the best, Joanna

    • Thank you Joanna, we really appreciate that. It’s looking good for the inaugural Seedy Packets, and even better with help and support from people like you 🙂

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