Experiments with Facebook

Mel Ediblethings

First Appearance

(c) H. Weiber 2013


This blog is a little under two years old now. It has been registered for longer than I have been writing, but it took me a little while to pluck up the courage to get going.
At the time, I admitted to being a little shy, but I have found a great community here, and have made some good virtual friends across the gardening and food blogs. Which has been great, and given me the confidence to try to do a bit more.

Now it is about time for a few new things for Edible Things.  Over the coming months and weeks, I’m going to be having a little  facelift, and adding new social media. This is largely an experiment at the moment, because I need to see how much extra time this stuff will take.

You may have noticed the first ever clear photo of me at the top of this post. This is the start of having what I hope will be a bit more of a profile. I will also be adding photos to the about page, and in other places soon. It was taken a barbecue that I held recently for my work team.

Another first is the new Edible Things facebook page.  It is also my profile picture for the Edible Things page.

You may or may not know that I also campaign on food isses, as well as forage, farm and feast on food. The facebook page will probably be about both of these things.  I’d really love it if you dropped by and joined in the conversation!


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