Veganuary Day 5: Musings on Mayonnaise

Pumpkin Chili Burrito - today''s vegan lunch that we spilt
Going Halfies

There was a lot of dishes that we’d made earlier in the fridge. Today, we mostly used these up. We did have a freshly cooked meal this evening, but that was to use up some aubergine we’d got knocking around in there.

Breakfast was the remainder of yesterday’s tofu scramble. Other tofu scrambles are available, but I enjoy this recipe very much. It has a lot to do with the tarragon. It’s a pretty quick recipe too, so great for those busy mornings when you haven’t done your prep.

Lunch was a mixed bag. We had one portion of the Harrisa Soup and one burrito left. We heated them both up, and had half each. Not quite sure what this fusion should be called. It was filling and warming, which is what we needed today.

I was thinking about even more toppings for the soup as I ate. In her book Plenty, Diana Henry has a great vegetarian recipe for a Niçoise Vegetable Stew with a Rouille. It has three or four ingredients, yet it is so flavourful. However, the rouille is made the traditional way, with eggs. I found what I hope is some pretty good vegan mayonnaise, and I intend to experiment with aquafaba. I hope one of these ways will make a good rouille, that will behave similarly to the the egg version in the warmth of the soup.

I had long forgotten the recipe for tonight’s dinner. We used to eat this a lot back when we lived in London. I don’t know why we stopped, but I’m glad that I rediscovered this smoky aubergine dhal. This recipe makes plenty, these make-it-once-eat-it-lots kind of recipes are great to fall back on for weeknight meals. I didn’t have black lentils to hand, but it’s just as good with yellow spilt peas. We will have another three dinners from this batch.


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