Veganuary Day 8: Herbs and Spice

A simple tomato pasta sauce on farfalle pasta, liberally topped with nutritional yeast and dill
Simply Delicious

Monday started a bit late for us both, and we hadn’t prepped any breakfast the night before. The tofu scramble was the quickest thing we made last week, so that’s what we made again, with the very last of the tarragon I’d dried from the garden. I’m only grumpy that now I’ll have to buy it. Today, we substituted kale for the spinach. I missed the silken texture the spinach lends it, which is something to remember the next time I put it on the meal plan.

I was craving carbs at lunch time, so we turned to a quick pasta. The sauce was made with softened onion, garlic, tomato paste and a tin of tomatoes. Once it was stirred through the pasta, I topped it with nutritional yeast and a generous helping of finely chopped dill. I used the stalks too. They have plenty of flavour and added some texture to the meal. I like to cook my pasta briefly, so it’s slightly past crunchy. I find it helps prevent the mid afternoon slump.

Dinner was another portion of the aubergine dhal. It was even better than the day it was cooked. I celebrate dishes like these, where you make a huge batch, and they just keep getting better. I do find this dhal will last 4 days in the fridge, but after that will get ‘fizzy’ and spoil pretty quickly. But it freezes well, so the rest will provide a ready meal on a few cold nights sometime in the future.


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